Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Day Another 2 Imposter Dishes


"People.....get a life!"  No wonder my kitchen floor is so dirty and I don't seem to get my closets organized.  We go through manic periods of WAYYYYY TOO MUCH COOKING.........  Today is one of those days. 

We started this morning by getting ready for my mothers' chile sauce made from my garden tomatoes. Her recipe is from a 1950's Purity Cook Book. For some reason I have not made it before, but I remember  smelling it in the kitchen, as a child. When I started preserving foods myself, I made more chi chi recipes like chutney and salsa.  This is the first time for the chile sauce.  I can't wait to eat it with Vince's home made sausages.
And speaking of sausages.........while we were driving back from picking up our whole lamb order at Buffalo Valley Meats, we stopped at Princess Auto and bought a cylinder style sausage stuffer.  Vince is chomping at the bit to try that new gadget. 

So we came home, and then had to get going on our batch of bagels and mini baguettes, that we had started dough for last night.  Yes.....even Friday night we cooked way too much!  Then we had to plan for the lamb dish that we are making tonight as part of our Okanagan Food and Wine Writers Workshop throwdown.    The dish we were trying to replicate was described on the menu:

Roasted  Peace River Lamb Loin
New Potatoe Terrine Wrapped with Tyroler Bacon
Local Seasonal Vegetables
Cassis Jus

Well, we just got our fresh Alberta Lamb today
We have new potatoes and yellow zucchini from the City Centre Farmers Market in Edmonton
We have Hog Wild Wild Boar Bacon in the freezer
We have these marvellous mini peppers and cippolini onions that we scored at the Penticton Farmers Market last week
We have home made Cassis from our black currant bushes in our yard.
We made a reduced lamb stock from the bones from the lamb loin.

Our Version:  Potato Terrine is circular and we have more sauce!           

Cellar Door Bistro Version

Little Pears with Blue Cheese and Candied Pecans

Oh yeah...while we were hanging around doing nothing, we whipped together some delightful little bites that Joy Road Catering prepared for us at Township 7.  Bradley Cooper served a nice Viognier with the treats.  Difference on our variation is we used California Seckel Pears, Gorgonzola Cheese and Pecans candied in local honey instead of their all Okanagan ingredients.  (we need to move somewhere that has better stuff!)  If you want to see the "before" picture, go to the Dinner with Julie blog post.

No wonder we are tired.
Tomorrow we are picking all of the tomatoes from the garden, because summer is over.  Frost is coming. Sigh!

No recipes today........ If you would like me to create the recipe just ask.


Eat Your Words said...

Ha, you two are the recipe code crackers. Nice work. And kitchens are supposed to be messy, it's the sign of a productive space. Like my desk. Do you take requests? How about the short rib from Naramata Inn...seeing as the weather is getting cooler (out here too, don't worry).

Cheryl Arkison said...

Ha Ha, I tried some short rib last week. I really need some braising lessons. it was good, but not great.

Seckel pears! I never thought of that when thinking of recreating that appie. I'll be looking for them today.