Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Penticton.........The New Sin City?

Joy Road Catering's Exquisite Veggies
I asked my husband if he remembered the list of Venial Sins that good Catholic children learned at school. I’m sure that we had just committed a few of them this past weekend in Penticton and Naramata B.C. I looked up Venial Sin and came across this description "obsessive anticipation of meals, and the constant eating of delicacies and excessively costly foods" and a further description by Thomas Aquinas:

Praepropere - eating too soon.

Laute - eating too expensively

Nimis - eating too much.

Ardenter - eating too eagerly

Studiose - eating too daintily

Forente - eating wildly

Forgive me father..............

We have just returned from a 3 day bacchanalian weekend in the Okanagan. I was a participant at the Okanagan Food and Wine Writers Workshop. Jennifer Cockrall King, the event organizer, artfully planned workshops for budding and experienced food and wine writers, expertly presented by writers, editors and TV personalities Michele Sponagle, Julie Van Rosendaal, Taryn Boyd, and Craille Maguire Gillis. Top Cat Tours ushered us around the City of Penticton, the up and coming Naramata Bench, and Summerland. We had an amazing dinner at Township 7 Vineyard, with food prepared by Joy Road Catering, wines from Township 7 and a great new wine called Black Cloud. We watched the movie Tableland under the stars among the wine barrels. Another dinner at the historic Naramata Inn , prepared by Thomas Render and his talented team, was served outside on the balcony. We had a great vineyard tour and lunch at Lake Breeze Winery, and a foraged lunch at Valentine Farm, the makers of the Vinegar Works Wine Vinegar. We spent some time at the renowned Elephant Island Orchard Wines, and were sure to take home some of their bubbly Pink Elephant, and Framboise to share with friends.  Mission Hill Winery Chef Matthew Batey led us on a tour of the incredible Penticton Farmers Market.  Rhys Pender of Wine Plus+ primed our wine tasting chops, which we  practised behind the scenes at Laughingstock Winery in a wine blending workshop with David Enns. We were given 3 wines to blend and compare to their cult wine Portfolio. At Sumac Ridge Winery’s Cellar Door Bistro, some bottles of bubbly lost their heads in a wine sabering demonstration and we tasted their Tribute Olympic Commemorative sparkling wine. Some of that jumped into our car as well. The dinner was remarkable, prepared by Chef Roger Planiden, and was a fitting end to our weekend.

And now, I will do my penance.

My husband and I are going to re-create every meal that we ate, share the pictures of the real and pretend dishes, and write about them here. Stay tuned. (It might take a few weeks!)

Link to these great blogs for posts on the Township 7 Dinner and the Penticton Market


Jennifer Cockrall-King said...

I like it. It makes it way more fun if we are sinning, and not just being gluttons. After Julie's reports of the horrid food in Vegas, maybe there's some solid rationale behind rebranding Penticton as Sin City:)! Nice post. I'm also collecting recipes from the various chefs who cooked for us along the way. If you have any requests, just let me know.

Cheryl Arkison said...

If you find anything close to the those beans let me know. I tried some from Mercato the other other day and their bitterness was disappointing.

Twyla Campbell said...

I thought Penticton was known as Skin City ;-) Love your posts Colleen, I'm going to get a glass of red wine, sit back, read and see what you have been up to..looks like I'll be here a while! Cheers.