Thursday, October 01, 2009

We Were Taking A Break

My husband and I had decided to take a break.  Not a Ross and Rachel kind of break, but a break from our OKFWW throwdown of duplicating all the dishes we ate in Penticton.  We had just done 3 dishes on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday was our day of rest.  We would rest on our laurels until next weekend.  Then, we looked at the weather forecast on Sunday afternoon.  FROST!  Here in Edmonton, our frost free days, the measure of what can grow in our region, are zealously watched.  We will cover up plants in the spring and the fall, just to keep stuff in the ground for as long as we can.  We had a big frost in the first part of June this year, so our garden was behind before it even started.  We have a delightful assortment of old bedsheets, that we press into action during these nights, and passers' by who may not be gardeners probably shake their heads and say....."those people are deluded.  They should just go to the store to get their veggies"

So, here we were on Sunday afternoon, with a dilemma.  Cover or pick?  We looked at the calendar, and then the long range forecast, and said   "There is a time when you have to throw in the bedsheet.  It's here".

So, we picked.  Four peach boxes full of tomatoes in varying states of ripeness, our peppers, 1 beautiful eggplant and 4 squash blossoms!  Three kinds of beets and the shallots........ 

I brought the basket of vegetables inside and there they were...... the squash blossoms.  We knew it would be next August before we saw another squash blossom, and one of our target dishes, from our dinner at the Naramata Inn  was
Garden Beets
Goat Cheese foam, squash tempura,
mustard vinaigrette

Naramata Inn Version

We hauled our sorry asses into the kitchen and started cooking.

We had 3 kinds of baby beets, golden, regular and chiogga.  They went into a pot to cook
We sent son number 3 to the store to get radish sprouts
We made a vinaigrette with Vinegar Works Apricot Vinegar, canola oil and grainy mustard
We made a goat cheese foam by stick blending chevre and whipping cream together
We made a light tempura batter
We bickered as we put it together

This is our creation.   It's a keeper (again)


Cheryl Arkison said...

Man, you guys are great.
If I share some of my tomatoe marmalade will Mr. Hot Stuff cook me a pizza?

Colleen said...

Thanks Cheryl! We do have fun in the kitchen. By all means, drop us a line when you are in Edmonton, and we'll throw in a pizza

Jennifer Cockrall-King said...

Where did #3 son find radish sprouts in Edmonton? I loved those...even just for the novelty effect. We went to the very last (and bitterly cold) Penticton Farmers' market for us this season. Mike bought and promptly ate a lemon cucumber (very pale yellow cucumber shaped like a hacky-sack! Always something new. These are great posts...keep up the recipe throw-down:)

Jennifer Cockrall-King said...

Oops, I got all excited that #3 son had found radish PODS like we had at Valentine Farms...not radish sprouts. RADISH PODS would have been a true culinary treasure hunt.

Colleen said...

Radish sprouts at Sobeys. Radish pods we pulled out of our garden last weekend on overgrown radishes. Slothful gardening gives you treasures. Just let your radishes flower and the pods will come!

Vivian said...

Colleen, I have tons of radish pods (through sloth rather than intent) but what do you do with them? I'm SO happy to have found your site via "Backseat Gourmet"...finally a blogger near home turf!

Colleen said...

Vivian, At Valentine Farm, Kim served the radish pods as a garnish in a salad. They give a nice peppery crunch.