Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's Just Another Zero

It happened again.  The year on the calendar flipped over to a new number.  It has a zero on the end again.  Didn't it just have a zero a few years ago? What a difference a decade makes.  We were planning for the Y2K (soon to be non) event.  I was hedging my bets then, that nothing would happen on that New Years Eve.  I didn't even stockpile any food or water.   I was on call that night.....just in case the hospitals were overloaded and I had to go in and make sandwiches. Isn't that what we all do when a catastrophe happens.......make sandwiches? We even had battery operated head lights to navigate through the darkened halls.  I should have snuck one of those home and took it out and wore it on this New Years Eve!  But, I was at the top of a hotel, listening to a great band and dancing like it was 1989.

I try not to make resolutions.  Beating myself up for all of the things I don't do is already a hobby of mine and I don't need to add any more ammunition for that battle.  I just whisper to myself now and then that I need to watch my inputs and outputs, make sure I am always learning something, and  tell the people that share my life how great they are. I think  that 2010 will be an awesome year.  Even better than 2009, which was stupendous! 

The first dessert of 2010 was a recipe from the great dessert blog tartelette.  Just browsing through her site is sure to bring a smile to your face, even if you don't attempt the recipes yourself.

Here is my journey through her recipe for Poached Pear and Almond Fallen Souffle Cakes.

Happy New Year!


A Canadian Foodie said...

Oh my God! All I have to say is this looks absolutely scrumptious! And - I have been WAITING for you to write something here! And I was hoping for you to write about your PARTY or your Christmas fare. I love Tartlette, too!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed that you are using that oven even in the dead of winter. Would love to know more about building one for our yard