Saturday, May 02, 2009

Market Day in Paris

We're standing in the Fresh Food Market at Bastille and can't believe what we are seeing. Rows and rows of amazing edibles. The fruits,greens, herbs, fresh meat,vegetables and fresh fish are unbelievable. The Parisians are quite relaxed about it, as this is usual for them. We have markets in Edmonton, with good food, but this abundance is unbelievable! I was caught touching a bunch of radishes, and the stall owner told me "ne touche pas". I forgot that they pick and bag your items for you. He did smile though, and was not uncivil about it. We walked through the market once and then went back and made our purchases. A magnificent pork roast, fresh herbs, cherie potatoes, a marvellous french melon, green beans.......we will have a feast tonight!

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