Friday, August 08, 2008

Three Day Cook Off

On Monday, the forecast said that the rest of the week would be nice and hot. It has not been a nice summer, with a fair amount of rain, and some days that the temperature did not creep above 15 degrees. I decided that this week, the last week of my vacation, I would pull out all stops and have people over as many times as my energy level would allow.

Wednesday was "girls" day and we had a nice lunch on the patio, followed by a "Mama Mia" matinee. We had Green Pea & Mint Chilled Soup, and a nice salad (picture above) and then some fresh "brother-in-law" raspberries encased in a lovely vanilla scented red wine jelly.

Thursday had colleagues from work, and some appetizers and snacks outside. We tried sitting in the gazebo for a while, but had to move to the patio on the north side when the heat became unbearable. We had a nice Bruschetta with an Herb Salad on top, and Grilled Egg Plant and Feta Rolls. I had saved some of the soup and dessert from the day before and had them in shooter glasses (soup) and raspberries in espresso glasses. Another great day outside...........

Day three, Friday, and I am still cooking. The plan is for a Bocce game, and then a roasted lamb leg with some salads. We'll see how the day goes on.

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