Monday, July 09, 2007

Guests From Out of Town

When an occasion to cook for guests that come from the other side of the world presents itself, one must take up the challenge. My uncle and aunt are members of Friendship Force, a group that hosts guests from other member countries , as well as travel to their homes as well. My aunt was not up to the challenge of hosting the dinner, so I offered my home for the event. The guests were from Turkey. This was the only thing that I knew about them. I needed to come up with a menu that they would enjoy, but focus on Alberta and Western Canadian products. This was the menu:

· Grilled Eggplant with Alberta Goat Feta & Mint

· Carmelli’s Goat Cheese (B.C.)

· Sylvan Star Gouda

· Chilled Roasted Beet Borscht with Dill

· Grilled Arctic Char

· Roast Alberta Lamb

· Baby Potato Salad with Fresh Herbs

· Summer Salad with First Press Canola Oil Vinaigrette, Yellow Tomatoes & Cucumbers

· Fresh Rhubarb and Bleswold Yogurt Cream Tarte

The dinner was a great success. The guests were delightful. I was so pleased they had a chance to experience some real Canadian cuisine, made with ingredients from Alberta producers. We served wines from the Okanagan , which everyone enjoyed.

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